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Accession Number 1999.8.81
Catalog Number 1999.8.81
Object Name Letter
Date 1841/06/04
Scope & Content [Front Cover]

Mrs. Virginia J. Campbell
Care of Sublette & Campbell
St. Louis, Missouri

My dear Virginia,
I had the pleasure of reading your amusing letter to Catherine Beckwith, she sent it down to me, the most gratify part of it to me was where you spoke of your visit home with so much pleasure. I do think Virginia you will enjoy the quiet retirement of home more than you have ever done in your life, and I look forward to your visit with the most lively emotions of joy. I shall be compensated in a degree for my disappointment in losing you so soon after going to housekeeping. I hope that you will make all arrangements to make me a long visit, you know my plan, for Mr. Campbell to return to the north transact all of his business and then come for you, the question is often asked How long will Mrs. Campbell remain with you? I am pleased to hear that you intend to make your Richmond friends a visit you must write to your uncle James or some of them that you intend to do so, and to Ann to meet you there. Ann in her letter which I did not send you, said she wanted you very much to visit her and so on and etc, but as I know you can not go to see every body I think it is probable if you would write her the time you will be in Richmond that she will meet you there. Have you any intention of visiting your Ohio friends, I think that they will be hurt if you do not go to see them either as you come in or as you return, I wrote them all a glorious

[Pg. Break] description of your husband. Don't fail to tell Mr. C. that they are the plainest kind of people and live in a log house. I think it is likely Ann Scott who married Dr. Bates is living in Wheeling they expected to move there about this time. I received your letter giving me a description of that dreadful affair which occurred in St. Louis I had seen several different accounts of it previous this is the last letter I have had from you I shall be expecting one soon saying when you will leave and when I may be looking for you, of course I shall hear from you in Pha. C. Beckwith is gone home with Margaret they left the day before yesterday. George Polk and lady left a few days since for Tennessee, in an elegant coach and four his horse I hear cost $1000 Susan did not go with them, Mrs. Badger is gone to Washington her infant was 5 or 6 weeks old, the greatest news I can tell you is, Hanna Stuart is married at last they had a very large wedding two hundred invitations the news is that I attended and enjoyed myself very well Mr. Manly gave them a large party, it is said Ann Hetton[?] is to be married soon, Susan and McPheeters is gone in company with the Governors family to Chapel hill to the commencement you are aware that Samuel Brown graduates at this time, I understand that there are 40 graduates several from Raleigh, there is not much change either way, in the good old Doctors health, he laughed one day when I was expressing my regret that he could not marry you and said "well tell them when they come back I shall have to marry them over." We have been favored the last two Sundays with two of the best sermons I have ever heard from Bishop Ives, last Sunday there was confirmation

[Pg. Break] administered, Gen Patterson Mrs. Watson Mrs.. Eaton Catherine Beckwith Sall Ann Guion & Ellen Mordacai were confirmed My dear Virginia I often think of the gay life you live, I trust however that you have some hours of reflection and serious thought, I fear that you indulge too much in light reading, ow is the time for you to store your mind with something substantial and beneficial, you may not always have as much time on your hands as you now have, perhaps you may some day be like sister Amelia hardly have time to turn round, if she was not one of the most industrious women in the world I don't know how she would get along. You made some inquiry about brother Simpsons business, his trustees intend selling [a?] stock of good in the fall, he has not of yet made any arrangement for the future, I could say a great deal about Eleanor but as I know that you do not like to hear my mind about her, I shall say nothing, excepting I understand she expects to be confined next month, you will probably be here in time to be with her and wait on her perhaps when she is a other she may know something of a mother's feelings but my prayer is that she may never be tried as I have been, I never expect to step my foot in Otey's house unless Eleanor should need my services as a friend if she should ever let me know that she stood in need of a friend nothing should prevent me from befriending her at the risk of my life, but she is surrounded by my enemies who she has taken as her friends and they no doubt will do all they can for her if they have no better motive than to carry on their triumph over my feelings,s he enjoys fine health.

[Pg. Break, top of front cover] I received an affectionate letter this morning from brother Thomas it seems that he has suffered too these hard times, said he had received a letter from you and had written to you, spoke in the highest terms of Mr. Campbell as every body else does, said he had seen several persons who had become acquainted with you in St. Louis, said his little son was very ill was afraid that he would not recover.

[Section break, bottom front cover] Mr. Lacy called to see my yesterday as he was leaving said "well when you write Via make my love to her" I told him I intended tow rite his very words. Alfred Williams who has just returned from Alabama desires to be remembered to you he called yesterday I told him you had mahogany chairs at last we had a hearty laugh, the McPheeters always send love, Mr. & Mrs. Brown are as happy as ever in their humble way of living I want you to take them for your pattern Margaret Ann is coming to Raleigh to be confined, Marcellous is still in Pha.

[Pg. Break, side of first page] Present my most affectionate regard and esteem to my son Robert and accept the same from your affectionate mother Lucy A Kyle

[Pg. Break, side of 2nd page] I neglected to reply to a question in one of your former letters, I will do so now I did not have the pleasure of seeing Roberts miniature, I suppose you held it sacred had it been a letter I might have picked it up and got a peek at it I did not think you know how to hide any think I am setting up writing to you when all around are asleep I never know when to stop when I begin

[Pg. Break, side of 3rd page] I received a long letter from Mrs. Freeman they are now living at the north sent much love to you said she always wanted you as a daughter that you could have had choice of all of her sons said poor Andrew was distressed when he heard you were married.
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