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Accession Number 1999.8.25
Catalog Number 1999.8.25
Object Name Letter
Date 1835/04/06
Scope & Content [Page 1]
Philada 6th April 1835
Dear Robert
You have my thanks for your letter of 25th ulto. recd. by this evening's mail. My reply you see is prompt because I always feel pleasure in writing you & I believe you are gratified to hear from me.
From my former letters you will perceive that my opinion in relation to the deed of trust is exactly the same as that of the lawyers consulted by my friend Mr. Sproule. Until the debts of Kyle & Edgar are paid it can be of no avail against the goods - and in fact it amounts only to a bond or acknowledgement of the debt due by D. Kyle deceased to estate of Wm. Kyle. Notwithstanding this it was my wish that both the trustee & I should take such steps as to show that those who may hereafter inquire into our proceedings that we have done all we could under the circumstances - & to be enabled to exhibit documents to prove this. With this view I would suggest that Mr. Sproule should reply to my letter and give a copy of council's opinion, advising that no proceeding could be taken.
I have not received the letter of Maj. Stephenson which you say he wrote by same mail. About two weeks ago, I wrote him fully in relation to the affairs of the late Mr. Kyle. He will perceive from my letter (if my views are correct) that there is no alternative but to make the individual estate of D. Kyle insolvent - and that legally the sooner this is done the better for all parties.
As to the affairs of the firm of Kyle & Edgar I can only say that I very heartily coincide with you and Mr. Sublette in the opinion that it should be wound up with as little delay as the avoidance of a sacrifice will admit. Mr. E. should not be annoyed nor interfered with if possible. Should there be any deficit he alone will be bound for it. In no case will I take any steps to accept for them - nor in any manner entangle myself with the store. The family will not be connected with it - I had enough conversation on this subject with Mr. E. before the family perhaps thought of it - & found it would not do. [End page 1]
[Page 2]
Hugh Reed left here for the northern part of the state of N. York last week. His brother-in-law resides there, & he wishes to prevail on him to send for his sister. He found Philada an unprofitable place - declined going westward - and determined first to visit N.Y. and if he did not succeed there, return to Ireland. I gave him some apparel and sixty dollars, & he left with warm expressions of gratitude.
My thoughts have dwelt frequently & deeply, during the intervals of business since your departure, on my plans for the summer. If I visit the west I cannot go to Ireland. Our business requires me to spend some time in Kentucky & Tennessee and by neglecting to do so, at a period so very good for collections, we are likely to suffer much. It may also be necessary to visit St. Louis both as ext. of Wm Kyle and as the friend of the family. Should the furniture & servants be sold it is my intention to attend there and buy them in for the family. All these things combine to prevent me from visiting our native country until after our fall business. Perhaps I can then arrange my affairs so that I can avail myself of the winter season - but the period is too remote and many things may occur in the interval to change my views. At all events, it is needless to obtain the power of atty to act for you until I see some prospect of using it. If however you design remaining in the mountains longer than the fall, I think you would do well t leave for me at St. Louis, in care of Mr. Sublette, such general power of atty (drawn up by some competent lawyer) as you think calculated to meet any contingencies such as are hinted at by sister Anne.
I have written your firm twice or three times, I believe, in relation to the sales of your fur. By Mr. Glasgow I wrote briefly to Mr. Sublette. I now address you and on reflection I am almost afraid this will scarcely reach its destination before you start. If so it will be opened by Mr. Sublette from whom neither of us keep any secret - and of course he will communicate the contents so far as he deems necessary to those interested. My wish will regard to all affairs in St. Louis is to avoid all interference & to adopt such a course as my duty as ext. dictates. In addition to this it is my intention (if all be properly settled) to place the family in such a situation that they can support themselves genteely & independently. [End page 2]
[Page 3]
Mr. & Mrs. Baker, and Miss Harriet Campbell intend embarking for Europe on 8th May. Preparatory to this Mr. B has sold his fine house & will soon sell his furniture. I was just thinking what a fine chance for my friend W.L.S. to settle down here - and step in, with a dashing young wife under his arm - to a well furnished house - where he could hold forth & blow out in style. From all I can learn, Mr. Gill designs also to break up housekeeping in less than a month. In many respects this may terminate happily for the family & result in adding to their comfort (for there are many drawbacks at present) yet still I regret it very much. To me, the pleasures of home - of our little fireside - cheers me throughout the day - and console me so much under every annoyance, that I cannot conceive how any person would willingly relinquish its blessings & mingle with strangers at a boarding house after tasting the pleasures of a domestic circle.
I am sorry to hear of the slow recovery of Mr. G. Sublette. If I can be of any use in obtaining a wooden leg or in any other way you can conduct Mr. S. to write me. Remember me to him & all friends. If from any letters I may receive shortly, I think it likely you will remain longer at St. Louis I will again write you next week. If not my letters will be forwarded as often as usual with directions to have them sent by any express may go out. Mr. John Kerr has been quite unwell - but is recovering slowly.
I have avoided saying anything on your expeditions - because I can say nothing that would serve you. I am deeply interested in all your movements and hope you will save all details. May God bless my good brother - is the wish of
Hugh Campbell.

Mr. Robert Campbell
(or in his absence) Mr. Wm. L. Sublette
Fort William
St. Louis, Missouri
Collection Deibel