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Accession Number 1999.8.54
Catalog Number 1999.8.54
Object Name Letter
Date 1840/12/11
Scope & Content [Front Cover]

Virginia Kyle

Raleigh December 11 1840
My dear Virginia,
I have been threatening for many days to inflict a letter on you, and as Susan and Kate have gone to Mrs. Lacy's to spend the day, and help quilt a comfortable, I concluded to spend it as it would be so quiet with you, in thought at least.

You can hardly believe that an old woman like me could miss a young fashionable belle as much as I do you, when I returned from Milton and found you gone, I felt quite disappointed, but I am glad that you have enjoyed yourself so much. I generally get "Mother" to read your letters to me. I feel quite interested in a certain Dr. S. often mentioned in your letters, I hope he is all his friends say he is and even more. I was pleading his cause very eloquently a few days ago to a certain lady living in a white house up how, how successfully time will show. I feel quite anxious to see him and judge for myself - his being a widower is of course no objection with me a recommendation as he has been proved, and it is no longer a matter of speculation whether he will, or will not, make a good husband. But my dear Virginia I do hope that your choice may be your mothers choice, and that you will consult her wishes. I know that much, very much of her future happiness depends on her dear Virginia's choice of a companion for life, remember it is one of the most important periods of your life - therefore bring him home with you and let him pass the Ordeal.

[Pg. Break] when you see Mrs. Wilson make me best love to her. I wish her all the happiness this world can give (ah! and much more) I have heard a very favorable report of her Dr., may the prove a mutual blessing, I do hope that providence may some day throw us together again.

When do you expect to return among us? Or is the wisdom of N.C. to disperse without being blest with your presence? They may lose something, but comfort yourself with the knowledge that you will not, I can tell you but very little about them.

Ms. Beckwith you know was married last week. Mrs. Iredel and Mrs. Mondica gave her each of them a very large party, so far I believe there has been very little gaiety in town this winter, but I suppose you are kept constantly advised on that subject and know more about it than I do.

Your mother and aunt are well. John hurt his mouth badly but is getting better, little Virginia is among one of the sweetest children that I know. Susan and Kate very often wish for your return, if half the young ladies in Raleigh had left town we should not have felt it as much as we do your absence, so you will have to make up for lost time when you return by coming to see us twice as often. I tell Kate I expect she will be very vain soon, as she is often told that she is like Miss V. Kyle - Now don't you be distressed you are not like her.

Margaret Ann made us a short visit lately - we received a letter from her yesterday. I hope you my dear girl may be as happily married as she is and as much devoted to each other as they are, for to love, and be loved ardently constitutes much of our earthly felicity. Samuel is at home now and trying to enjoy himself as well as he can he is gone this morning to call on Miss Nash

[Pg. break] at Judge Cameron's for me, as well as himself, he has just come in and says "Give my love to Miss Virginia". James Hinton and Alexander both say give my love too. Jane says give my love to Miss Virginia and tell her to make haste home - Mr. McPheeters has not been very well since his return from Philadelphia.

The Misses Morehead are to be in town the last of this month to spend a few weeks with Miss Manly, the family are not expected to move till spring, the governor is to be Inaugurated the first day of January.

If Susan and Kate were at home they would have many things to say, but I know they would send much love, so receive it -

And now dear Virginia farewell, "oh that you were wise that you would lay to heart, the things that make for your peace."

"Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth." Let not the pleasures and vanities of life engross all your thoughts, and affections, but seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things necessary to your happiness shall be added there to -

Yours sincerely,
and affectionately,
Margaret Ann McPheeters
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